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Well, a month later and I've so much to learn. So many changes. I first published the books using #createspace but then found that launching them on #KDP would be far better because

1. It keeps your reports and bookshelf in one place

2. I could market my books cheaper on #KDP, meaning the minimum #Createspace would allow me to sell my book was £9.03 but when it came to #KDP I could sell them for as little as $3.65 to be printed.

A huge difference if you are trying to compete with other #children's authors out there.

So they have been on Amazon since 28 March, I noticed this morning that my e-book was number 5 on the Farm Animal section right next to #MichaelMorpurgo Let's hope #PeanutandPopcorn climb to #Warhorse height.

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